About Andrew Dale…

As one of the founders of iSEMso Andrew has seen his vision come full circle.

He caught the computer bug as a child and hasn’t relinquished his grip on the keyboard ever since. He is a pioneer; Andrew envisioned the internet as a vast and viable marketing channel long before most. As an early adopter, he embraced his vision and created his first ecommerce website in 1994. He was hooked.

Always the practical analyst, he buried himself into every detail and nuance of the early web and as early as 1998 began optimizing his website to improve his search rankings and drive more revenue. The results caught the attention of some of his friends and he began applying his newfound knowledge to helping others achieve similar results; unknowingly he had created one of the first known SEO companies.

As one of the pioneers of the Search Engine Optimization Industry, Andrew has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest brands and forward thinkers on the web. He worked with CareerBuilder to create their first affiliate program. He had partnered on projects with the first handful of employees of Amazon, the cofounder of Expedia, the creators of BlueNile, and many other of the top brands online. In 2007 Andrew wrote the first syllabus and taught the first Search Engine Optimization Course for State Universities of New York. In 2012 he began instructing SEO companies in his methodology and best practices for optimization.

Born in the Bronx, Andrew was always had an over achiever’s mindset. He graduated high school with 30 college credits and completed his Bachelors from Fordham University’s Business School in 2 years. Andrew is decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corp and retired New York Police Officer, where he served in the Special Services Division. This life experience has taught him how to adapt and overcome almost any obstacle in the every changing online digital landscape.

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